Dissension FN: Le Pen, Florian Philippot, “should clarify the situation”

“There are think tanks, that would cause any concern”, but “we are still at the heart of the re-founding” of the FN, lance Marine Le Pen to the address of Florian Philippot (photo, march 2, in Paris).


Marine Le Pen hopes that “all the leaders reconcentrent” on the refoundation of the party. Message to his vice-president, who has launched his own movement.

The message is clearly introduced to Florian Philippot, who combines his function of vice-president of the Front national and president of his own movement, The Patriots: In The Paris on Friday, Marine Le Pen believes that it needs to “clarify her situation”.

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“There are think tanks, I do no worry,” says the president of FN. “But we are still at the heart of the refounding of the movement. I hope, therefore, that all the leaders of the FN is reconcentrent on this reform and that they bring their reflections to the inside of the movement.”

“A new page opens”

Marine Le Pen said between them, “there is no distance. Everyone has had the time to collect the results of the elections”. “I hope now that a new page is opened”, she said.

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The president of the FN indicates that it will present to the members “of a line which is that” she “has stood since a long time: balanced between these famous fundamental and at the same time this aspiration, which is to protect” the French. “I change nothing of what I think. I am as I am,” she hammered.

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Marine Le Pen says that “the union of the straight… this is an old illusion. And too little ambition”, and provides “speak to all the patriots, that they come from the right or the left”.