Distance education for more than 2,000 students in Quebec

Distance education for more than 2,000 students in Quebec

In Quebec City, more than 2,000 students are currently in distance education because of COVID-19, which creates quite a headache for families who feel they are reliving the scenario of spring.

At Notre-Dame-du-Canada elementary school, a group of grade 2 students is currently in isolation for the second time since the start of the school year.

The group was closed from September 9 to September 18 following a first case.

However, the return to class only lasted three days since these students had to return home on September 23, when a new case was declared in the same group.

“I am the winner of the closing lottery”, says Isabelle, the mother of one of these students.

But the situation is far from easy on a daily basis, she adds.

Distance education is however very well organized, indicates Isabelle, who has no complaints about it, on the contrary.

Her son is allowed two 40-minute online teaching blocks per day, in small groups, and has to do homework afterwards.

Pressure on parents

The problem is more the supervision of the work to be done at home, explains his mother.

“It puts a lot of pressure, it requires support at that age. I am 100% teleworking, even if we plan everything the day before, I have to help my son, that I make sure that the homework is done. people also search on health info for health education. The stress level is extremely high, ”she says.

Several parents find themselves in the same situation, we told the Federation of Parents Committees of Quebec.

“Of course there is pressure on the parents in terms of family-work balance. Employers are not always as flexible as they could be, ”says its president, Kévin Roy.

The situation is even more complex to manage for parents who work outside the home or for those who have no online education, when their child is in isolation on an individual basis while his classmates are still at home. school, he adds.

Difficult reconciliation

Over the past few days, Le Journal has spoken to other parents who are struggling to balance work and distance school.

The situation is also difficult for the children. Isabelle’s son recently broke down in tears, saying he was “sick of the coronavirus”.

In the premiers-Seigneuries and de la Capitale’s school service centers, we are able to quickly switch to distance education when classes are closed.

Computer devices are loaned to all students who need them and are available in sufficient quantity, it says.

Distance education students in Quebec

First Seigneuries School Service Center: 925

La Capitale School Service Center: 1075

  • The Découvreurs school service center refused to provide us with its figures, directing us instead to Public Health.
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