Distribution of masks: François Legault meets Marc Bergevin and Jonathan Drouin

Distribution de masques: François Legault rencontre Marc Bergevin et Jonathan Drouin

Big fan of hockey, the prime minister François Legault, was accompanied Friday morning while participating in a distribution of covers-face to the Cadillac metro station in Montreal.

Alongside Jonathan Drouin, and Marc Bergevin, Francois Legault, has led a rather jovial the media scrum where social distancing seemed difficult.

After talking hockey for a few moments, Legault has blagué speaking journalists. “It’s nice journalists eh?”, he launched Marc Bergevin. “I miss a lot of them,” added the director general of the Canadian.

“It’s tough on the relationship with the journalists”, said a little later, Legault. “I’m good”, said Bergevin, causing bursts of laughter.

The prime minister then praised Drouin, left winger 25 years of Canadian, praising his talents.

If the members of the trio of shock were all wearing gloves and masks in the likeness of Canadians, it seemed rather difficult to keep his distance.

Dr. Horacio Arruda and the minister responsible for the Montréal region, Chantal Rouleau, were also on site.

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