District of the Constellations: the judge ratifies the agreement of the class action

Quartier des Constellations: le juge entérine l’entente du recours collectif

The court approved the class action settlement in the neighbourhood of the Constellations, in Lévis, putting an end to years of waiting for the owners whose homes sank into the unstable soil.

The judge Denis Jacques has approved yesterday the settlement of$ 4.1 Million that occurred in November 2018. “The Court finds that the agreement is in the best interest of the members”, ruled the judge.

The latter provides for the indemnification of the owners of 286 homes. Their houses had suffered heavy damage due to the unstable soil of the streets of Orion, Céphée, Phoenix, Andromeda, of Cassiopeia, of the Unicorn and the Centaur, in the district of Saint-Jean-Chrysostome.

They had filed a class action in 2011 against the City of Levis, alleging that the municipality had committed a fault in granting building permits in the area. The City had put in because of the engineering firms and a dozen manufacturers.

The compensation will follow a plan of distribution in 11 categories, which will vary the amounts received by residence, depending on the damage and the work already done. Some owners had been disappointed by the amounts offered.

A grant program for the stabilization of foundations had allowed in 2013 to pay a sum of$ 1.7 Million to certain members. This amount is added to the sum of the compensation of the class action.

In the settlement, the City of Lévis is required to pay$ 1.2 M; Inspec-Sol,$ 1.6 Million; the insurer Lloyd ” s,$ 1 M, and WSP, 250 000$.

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