Divorced man: is it worth it to build relationships?

So should we be afraid of a relationship with a divorced man? What is good and what is dangerous such candidates to be grooms? Let’s face it.

Розлучений чоловік: чи варто будувати відносини?

Meet a man in the age of “thirty”, who has never been married, not very easy. Usually at this age a man is either married or already divorced, informs Rus.Media.

And if the individual until this time has never known the joys of family life, relationship with him to build very difficult, as it is formed personality, which is difficult to meet and does not want to change anything in your life. But that’s a separate issue.

The benefits of a relationship with a divorced man can be attributed the following statement:

• Divorce is not always the fault of the man. The rupture of family relations sometimes is the fault of the wife, and it is hoped that the first time half just “no match”.

• If a divorced spouse has no objection to a serious relationship, so he knows how to be faithful and wants to build a new family.

• A divorced man has experience of building long-term relationships.

• Most likely, the young person is able to perform some home work, focuses in supermarkets, able to cook simple meals and wash dirty dishes (albeit not 100%).

• The man who passed albeit unsuccessful school, family relations, learned to hold back and not react violently to senseless comments, long talk ladies hearts with my friends or mom on the phone or in person.

• The man who had been a man, gained the experience and knows how to behave during joint shopping trips, ready for perfect simmering near the dressing room knows what kind of face he needs to be when the chosen one shows the new outfits.

The person who has the experience, learned to put their personal needs on the backburner. He knows how to slow down buying personal things to think about: “what is more important for the family?”

• Such a man knows that his wife doesn’t always look perfectly, at home she could walk with a nourishing mask on her face, in a Bathrobe with messy hair. He was not afraid of the irritability and moodiness of his wife in “critical” days.

• A person who has children in a previous marriage, knows firsthand what pregnancy and childbirth. He is ready to a nine month marathon. Most likely, he had no fear of going to care for the baby born in a new family.

But not everything is rosy. Before entering into a serious relationship with a divorced man, carefully take a look at it.

Both men and women who went through the process of divorce, have deep grudges, unhealed wounds. Be prepared for sudden outbursts of resentment, suspicion.

Be sure to find out why the candidate to groom divorced his first wife. Too bad if the breakup happened due to his infidelity, bad habits, love of Dating sites. Hope that after the divorce he changed minimal. Usually, men who are unfaithful do not change. A miracle can happen closer to a ripe old age.

Characterizes the future chosen his present way of life. It is important to know how he lives now, as he communicates with his ex-wife and children.

Of course, it is very bad when families break up due to men for their unfaithfulness, irresponsibility, bad habits.
But many pitfalls are fraught relationship with her husband that lost his family at the initiative of the wife. After all, a man can love his former fiancee still and a new relationship for him a kind of cure for unrequited love. Sometimes, new relationships are cut off at the most inopportune moment, because his ex-wife suddenly decided to resume a relationship with him.

Be aware that a divorced man, willingly or unwillingly, will compare you with his ex-wife. A smart man is restrained and he does it silently, out loud if you report that the comparison is not in your favor, it is not necessary to hold such relations.

Sometimes families break up because of their parents. Definitely deep into it in this direction! If the mother in law did not accept the first daughter-in-law, there is no guarantee its a good attitude to you. Do not amuse themselves with the illusion that this time you will be able to “open the eyes” of the elect. Most likely, if the first time he succumbed to the “charms” of the mother will be next.

If the husband in the first marriage there are children, it is also a serious challenge. You must understand and accept that it will necessarily be to communicate with them, and hence with his ex-wife. In addition, the children require a significant cash outlay.

In this situation, there are several solutions:
• husband pays child support and does not communicate with former family;
• husband pays child support and is involved in the education of children.

Think about what type of men you prefer? If I could be a good father to your future children, the person who is not interested in his children with his first wife?
A smart woman will accept not only her husband but also his children. Of course, if people will greatly appreciate such care.

And again. Run from the man who’s taking out on you the resentment of his previous failure. Don’t write off this behavior on a “fresh wound,” believe me, they never heal!