DL threatens to kill Putin for the war in Syria

The militants are preparing an attack and posted a photo with threats.

ІДІЛ погрожує вбити Путіна за війну в Сирії

Russia and personally the President of Russia Vladimir Putin faced a new and dangerous threat during world Cup 2018: supporters of the Islamist terrorist group “DL” published open threats against Putin for the murder of Muslims in the middle East in Syria, reports Rus.Media.

Militants DL published a poster, which shows the action DL with a gun, while the gun sight of a sniper rifle pointed at the Russian President.

The posters were published in one of the telegrams-channels support CL group Wafa Media Foundation. Then the message picked up groups on Twitter that are engaged in monitoring terrorism.

Published the threat is addressed personally to the Russian President Putin for a series of actions of the Russian authorities regarding the support of the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

One of the posters says: “Russia 2018. Putin, you’re wrong. You will pay for the murder of Muslims.”

ІДІЛ погрожує вбити Путіна за війну в Сирії

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