Dmitry Bikbaev: Graffiti changes the infrastructure of the city. EXCLUSIVE



Festival of contemporary Street art brings together young artists, defy dullness and routine. All the art objects created at the festival will give to the cultural institutions of Moscow. Where graffiti line between art and vandalism, and how to support novice authors, in an exclusive interview to the program “Eurasia. Literally” on TV channel “the WORLD,” said artistic Director of the Cultural center named Astakhov, the organizer of the festival Street Art, Dmitry Bikbaev.

D. B.: it was Originally just a project that won the grant competition. And I, as the curator of the change on the forum “Tavrida”, decided to support and give him the life that he was implemented. And to the young guys next year by submitting their ideas for grants “Tauris”, had the opportunity for something to refer to and do well. We come to the guys with the initiatives. And we combined the grant “Tauris” and creative suggestions from the creative guys. And in the end it turned out like this, I think, a special festival. Special why? It is clear that Moscow is often something associated with graffiti, street art, contemporary art. But our feature that all art objects that we create, we do not burn, do not destroy, but rather share other cultural institutions of Moscow, to demonstrate that contemporary art is in demand and able to change the infrastructure and institutions, and infrastructure, maybe the whole district and even the city.

D. B.: Any art is good if it is directed to some creative moments in the consumers of art. It is clear that art can be different. It can be constructive, it can be destructive. But I still support the idea that if art in itself carries some kind of light, it should be possible to broadcast. And I hope that our festival and what we do at the cultural center, we will continue to broadcast. This is the best support. To as many people as possible saw a nice creative message. Now those who are interested in street art, they have their own idols, and the people who live in the neighborhood, to another information cell, generally know nothing about it. And if you call any names, they just do not understand, about what speech. It seems to me that the best support is to expand these cells to young, cool, interesting creative units know as many people as possible.