Dmitry Dzhangirov. Enough to feed gays.

– 00:06 Change of borders in Europe. The future of Ukraine’s borders
– 15:59 Jewish world project. The Heavenly Jerusalem. Mikhail Khazin
– 20:40 the Union of Russia and Belarus. Why Belarus is Russia’s problem?
– 28:36 Why Dmitry Dzhangirov is not involved in the Evening Solovyov?
– 32:19 Who will be the next President of Ukraine? The Evolution Of Presidents Of Ukraine
– 37:39 weakening of the Ukrainian nationalists
– 40:22 Impeach Trump. The U.S.-Ukraine political scandals
– 44:51 the Future battle for the US presidency. Enough to feed the gays!
– 50:49 Win Ukraine Russia? Why you need to protect Russia? Wishes Kolomoisky

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