Dmitry Komarov told about the collection of money for the operation of 4-year-old girl

Дмитрий Комаров рассказал о сборе денег для проведения операции 4-летней девочке

Ukrainian TV presenter Dmytro Komarov said on his page on Instagram about the success of raising money for the operation of 4-year-old girl.

“Great news came to me in Brazil! Money for a bone marrow transplant for 4-year-old Kira, whose early cancer recurrence blood collected! On Monday, she flies to Verona (Italy) for the operation. Kirochka, keep the Cams for you. All will be well. All of you bow for every penny. You did a great job. And welcome. It will be back, you know,” wrote the publication Dima.

Recall that recently the host together with Nadia Dorofeeva started the collection of money for the surgery Kira. She was born a healthy child in the hospital immediately called a hero. The girl has developed very quickly, went and spoke. Health was exemplary, but when she was 2 years old my parents noticed on the neck daughter’s enlarged lymph nodes. Fought chemistry and November 1, 2017, the treatment was finished, but after 4 months the disease returned and she needed an urgent bone marrow transplant.

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