DNA diet will soon become a reality

ДНК-диета скоро станет реальностью

Your body weight can be corrected with a personal micro molecules — the genetic material.

Today specialists offer many different diets for healing the body and for weight loss. In the fight against excess weight, we usually orientirueshsya on universal advices, recommended for all, or the method you choose, checked by our friends, colleagues, acquaintances. And until recently the range of products was estimated, and the result is not obvious in advance and very few people arranged. But researchers almost found a way out.

Indeed, for someone who decides to get rid of extra pounds in your body, it is important that the method came to him and gave the expected result. And to get rid of you once and for all. And without pain. I think this is impossible? Very soon will be possible. Science will help us.

And the food will be medicine, as Hippocrates wanted. Already in the times of Ancient Greece it was known that food affects the body and spirit and is able to get rid of diseases. However, fundamental breakthroughs in the science of nutrition was made only in the XVIII–XX centuries: the scientists were able to examine the chemical composition of food and basic ways of metabolism.

Today, all developed countries are faced with other consequences of poor nutrition, chronic non-communicable diseases. In the world, more and more people are dying from diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, Oncology, cardiovascular disease. Scientists in many countries began to search for: what can stop this epidemic? The answer given nutrigenomics — a new branch of science that studies how food affects the behavior of genes. Researchers have managed — in particular, to find out the molecular mechanisms of the effects of foods on genes, to understand what foods you should eat often and which to refuse.

In 2010 researchers at Stanford University (USA) conducted a large-scale study in which women with different genetic characteristics have lost weight or on nishiiwai diet or diet low in carbohydrate, or balanced diet, but with increased physical activity. The results were striking. The first scientific studies have revealed dozens of genes involved in the processes of accumulation of extra pounds. So in modern science, appeared a new direction — nutrigenomics, the study of the influence of genes on the ability of the human body to assimilate different components of food and expend energy reserves in response to physical activity.

It turned out, despite a lot of “candidate genes”, found in laboratory studies, reduced weight contribute mostly 4 gene. They seem to “encode” proteins — carry fat. The first such protein, depending on the genetics of the person, can transfer the fat into a special “store” or capture only a small fraction “in reserve”, and the rest is allowed to be consumed in the body. The second protein is associated with the growth of the cells forming fat. The third protein is responsible for consumption of fat accumulation in cells and does so very actively when food no carbohydrates. In this case, if the protein is running as efficiently as possible, low-carb diet would be the right choice. The fourth protein activates the expenditure of the accumulated fat in response to exercise.

Genetics of each person determines how effective are these amazing proteins, and therefore, genetic testing in the future will be able to tell the weight loss without much torment.

Scientists hope the day is near when the definition of biochemical pathways of interaction between food and genes will effectively treat non-communicable diseases and prevent their development by identifying early markers of disturbances in the metabolism and create a personal nutrition plan. Knowledge of the genetic status of the individual having excess weight will allow you to pick a diet and physical exercises, with which it would be possible for a long time to reduce the fat content in the body.

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