“Dnepr more blooms all colors of the rainbow” the Head of Narakasura said, as the moans and dies the main river of the country

"Днепр все больше цветет всеми цветами радуги" Глава Нацэкосовета рассказал, как стонет и умирает главная река страны

The condition of the Dnieper river is critical. This was stated by the head of the National ecological Council of Ukraine, head of the Association of fishermen Alexander Chistyakov on a press-conferences, transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“The condition of the Dnieper critical, he no longer roars, he groans. The river simply dies. It all started with the fact that the great river was blocked by dams, she lost her own course and is not able to flush that gets there. And on the banks of the Dnieper there are cities and chemical plants, with their drains and plums,” – said Chistyakov.

According to him, the problems of the Dnieper river must be considered including in the context of its tributaries.”From the face of the card of independence during the years of independence disappeared more than 10 thousand small rivers… They are overgrown, shallow and then disappear,” he added.

Chistyakov I am convinced that if we don’t go by the river Irpin ‘ near Kyiv, then it will disappear in five years. “On the Dnieper, only in the Kiev area 56 of shoals, where you can stand knee-deep in the water,” he said.

In addition, one of the problems called waste water, which, according to him, for the 2018 ponds dropped more than 2.5 billion (a third of them untreated). “Dnipro every year more and more blooms all the colors of the rainbow,” – said Chistyakov.

In connection with this public figure offers at the legislative level to force all local councils to bring their regulations into compliance with the Water and the Land code.

“We need to introduce a comprehensive program to rescue the Dnieper and to remove all sediment and rocks, as well as other existing threats,” – said Chistyakov.

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