DNR: Ukrainian military sabotaged the decree Zelensky and disrupted the breeding forces Petrovsky

ДНР: Украинские военные саботировали указ Зеленского и сорвали разведение сил у Петровского

© RIA Novosti, Igor Maslov Dilution of forces and means from the village of Peter was not the fault of the Ukrainian side. This was stated by the representative of the DNI in the Joint center for control and coordination for ceasefires (SCCC) Ruslan Yakubov.In the hour of the day on 4 November, soldiers of the people’s militia DNR launched a white flare, a sign of readiness to begin withdrawal of forces and means on the site Peter-Bogdanovka. Odaka response of Ukrainian security officials was not followed.”The Ukrainian President (Vladimir Zelensky — Ed.) repeatedly declared commitment to withdraw in the Petrovsky. But today once again the command “OOS” sabotaged all the instructions of the President and there is no outlet in Petrovsky not” — quoted Donetsk news Agency (DAN) Yakubov.Earlier, representatives of Kiev at JCCC called provocation the impending withdrawal of troops near the village of Petrovskoe, while on 1 October, the Contact group agreed on a disengagement from two localities — from Gold and Petrovsky.

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