Do family the women do business

Мешает ли семья женщине заниматься бизнесом 

Women are constantly fighting with certain principles. The creation of a business, maintaining a marriage and raising children are often separated in society. Such a position takes away from successful women the opportunity to develop and self-actualize. What is the reason?Feeling vinegar according to Global Gap Report 2014, the global economy will require about 81 years to equalize the status of men and women in the business sector. This is due to the fact that only since 2006 the percentage of women’s participation in the economic sphere increased by 11%. Researchers note: a low percentage of interest stems from the fact that most women prefer to step back from the role of galytchiny in the family because of the constant feelings of guilt that gnaws at them at parting for a certain period with the family. Statistics shows that guilt may not be present all the time, often it comes at the moment when the woman comes home and sees children, with whom you last spoke just this morning, exchanging the meager phrase “Good day”, the mountains of dirty dishes and hungry husband. One of the outputs, which often find women in a similar situation, is to try to do everything at once. “Rambler” managed to figure out how women to combine family Affairs and career.Two Montenegro to understand about doing what the business in question — something remote or requires maximum engagement and personal presence. When creating your business women will have to devote much time to intellectual work, because you need accuracy to devise a strategy in which the company’s profit will only increase. In business as a full and willing involvement, when work becomes a part of life. But you always have to clearly assess their capabilities and to correctly delimit the time. It is worth noting the conditions of doing business in the 21st century, the era of working from home opens new opportunities for ideological women. Do not have to be in office to preside over the organization of your business. This method soothes the woman more in the psychological sense, as there is a possibility not to leave the house and parallel to engage in economic Affairs.How to get rid of the guilt and learn sovmestnoje to learn how to prioritize. We are not talking about hard ultimatums “or family or work”, and about the appropriate evaluation terms. A woman needs to understand how much time a day is her favorite job, and how much she can spend with your family without being distracted by work.Time with family should be qualitative, not quantitative. Imagine the situation: a woman comes home tired, falls on the sofa and half asleep trying to watch a small child playing near her. Everything seems to be together, the baby busy, mother is close, but does the fact communication and attention should be paid to loved ones?Try to share a homely atmosphere and workflow. A woman must understand that the mandative tone, which she uses at work must remain at the threshold of the house. All the problems and issues that arise in business, also solved behind the walls of a family home. We can not tolerate failure in his career in the playful actions of children or the “wrong” opinion of her husband.

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