“Do not get angry tiger in a cage”: a Cougar Elena ate bothering her boar

«Не злите тигра в клетке»: хищница Елена съела докучавшего ей кабана

Released in the taiga of the Amur region Elena the tigress ate a wild boar, which bothered her when she was in a cage, according to the center “Amur tiger”.

Elena was released in may this year together with the tiger Pavlik. Adaptation of animals to life in the wild is successful, the experts of the center. According to them, the raptors are settled in your new location and are actively hunting.

Tigress was able to procure a large wild boar and badger. Pavlik successfully hunted on two badgers, ROE deer. He also apparently ate the wolf.

“Funny the fact that when the tigers were in a temporary enclosure, the boar walked its perimeter, what is clearly angered predators. Now, once free, Elena returned to the place where the cage was and took revenge on the boar! Here, truly, do not get angry tiger in a cage!” – said General Director of the center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev.