Do not operate at night, therefore have an increased risk of cancer!

These facts will make every girl and woman to reflect and reconsider your routine.

Не працюйте ночами, бо маєте збільшений  ризик захворіти на рак!

Recently, scientists from China have conducted studies and have proved that regular work at night increases the risk of cancer in women an average of 19 per cent, and need to know about it, reports Rus.Media.

According to doctors, because of the night life increases the risk of skin cancer by 41 percent, breast cancer by 32 percent, stomach cancer by 18 percent, lung cancer by 28 percent. The result found that women who work at night, the higher the risk of developing breast cancer than those who work during the day.

“Our research shows that night work is a risk factor for the most common form of cancer in women.”

According to the study. And all because of artificial light: it increases the amount of melatonin that can disrupt the internal clocks that regulate sleep. It is this hormone directly affects tumor growth in breast cancer in women. Adversely affected by such work and exterior: working night 35% are more likely to become obese.

Bless you!

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