Do not stick together: why not go back to the former

Уже не склеить: почему нельзя возвращаться к бывшим 

The revival of bad relationship a couple does not promise anything good.The other day Julia Savicheva shared with subscribers bad news — the singer has split up with her husband Alexander by Arshinova. The actress posted a photo, which together with the already former husband posing in her wedding day.Julia and Alexander have been familiar for a long time, since the participation Savicheva in the popular musical project. According to the singer, the couple then broke up, then reconciled and again lived in peace. However, save the marriage failed, the couple broke up completely.Almost every couple there are moments when someone slams the door, but always comes back. Psychologists believe that to restore relations after a long break is not necessary, because if at least one of the partners is not interested in maintaining the relationship, nothing good will come from neither the second nor the tenth time.We thought about it and decided to find out why the return to the former is always a bad idea.You show your sebastopoli, you already broke up, but abandoned by your mate can’t let you go. All of this suggests manipulation by the former partner. If you let this man back in your life, you will get nothing but shamelessly use you, because thereby you make it clear that the person you are very forgiving, but because you can rotate it as you like.Their failed relationship, you show that your pair may not sushestvovaniya more evidence of the incompatibility you need, if you already broke up? To find a new sense to the past is almost impossible, you know that, because he lived with this man enough to understand how you are different people.Your future in this relationship neizvestnogo relations come to a corner, then you will not move with the current partner. At the same time, you will not be able to find a new man, as yet not fully separated from the previous one, and even if you were only sex. Just imagine that you can suddenly have a baby, and then you can not escape from each other, and for the family there’s nothing worse than hating each other parents.

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