Do you let a spouse’s pension on the table ?

Laissez-vous une rente de conjoint sur la table ?

Some still call the pension of a widower (or widow). This is the benefits offered by the Québec pension Plan (QPP) and the program of old age Security (OAS) to people who have lost their spouse.

Attention, they do not fire automatically on the death of his better half !

If you don’t ask for it, they will be lost.

The surviving spouse’s pension

Few Quebecers the lack there, it must be said that it is in all the guides prepared for the bereaved.

Ask the survivor pension, the QPP is one of the first steps to take when one loses one’s spouse, with the funeral arrangements.

There are two conditions to be met to be eligible.

First, the deceased must have contributed sufficiently to the QPP.

Then, the one that asks for the annuity must be recognized as the surviving spouse.

Common-law partners must have cohabited at least three years. Otherwise, you must be married for at least 12 months.

“The goal is to avoid that people who are not spouses marry only for the retirement pension at the approach of death,” explains Martin Dupras, independent financial planner.

It must be said that the provision is interesting. It varies between $ 500 and $ 950 per month (rounded figures), as a function of the contributions of the deceased to the plan, the age of the provider as well as the presence or not of a dependent child.

When the widowed person reaches the milestone of retirement, a surviving spouse’s pension will be reduced or will disappear completely, depending on the size of the retirement pension that she will receive from the Québec pension Plan.

Combined, the two amounts cannot be higher than the maximum retirement pension provided by the plan.

Allowance for the survivor, but often forgotten

This federal benefit is available only to the age of 60 to 64 years of age. You can claim it even if her husband died 20 years ago.

“This explains the fact that many people who have a right to not to ask ever, they don’t think about,” says Michel Carrier, retired from the financial planning.

However, the amounts can be significant. The amount of the allowance is based on the previous year’s income of the beneficiary. If he has no income, the benefit will approach the $ 1,400 per month, non-taxable. There is nothing where the surviving spouse declares income of $ 25,000 and more.

If we remade his life with another person, it is no longer eligible. Just 12 months of common life with a new spouse for not having the right to do.


How to claim ?

  • For the surviving spouse’s pension under the QPP, you can claim online via the platform ” My folder “.
  • You can request a paper form from the Pension Quebec.
  • For the Allocation of federal, fill out the form ISP3008. This is the same form as for the Allowance of the beneficiaries of the guaranteed income Supplement.
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