Doc ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ Added to Venice Film Festival Lineup – News Block

Doc ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ Added to Venice Film Festival Lineup – News Block

Doc ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’ Added to Venice Film Festival Lineup – News Block

Becoming Led Zeppelin, the documentary about the iconic rock band, has been added to the Venice Film Festival (September 1-11) in an out-of-competition space.

Directed by Bernard MacMahon (American epic), and co-written and produced by Allison McGourty, the movie features band members Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and Robert Plant.

The film will reveal the individual journeys of the four members of the band, as they move through the music scene of the 1960s, playing small clubs in Britain and performing some of the biggest hits of the time, until they meet. in the summer of 1968. for an essay that will change their lives forever. Their four trips merge into one when they set out to conquer the United States on a roller coaster that culminates in 1970 when they become the number one band in the world.

The Venice Film Festival is not expected to get the UK quarantine dispensation; Brits get creative on a deal so they don’t miss out on early lineup

The film’s producers say it is the first and only time the band has participated in a documentary in 50 years. Altitude Film Sales and Submarine Entertainment will be co-representing the sales.

MacMahon saying: “With Becoming Led Zeppelin my goal was to make a documentary that looks and feels like a musical. I wanted to weave together the four diverse stories of the band members before and after they formed their group with large sections of their history advanced using only music and imagery and contextualizing the music with the places where it was created and the world events that it inspired. that. I used only original prints and negatives, with over 70,000 frames of manually restored footage, and came up with fantasy sequences, inspired by Singing in the rain, superimposing images of invisible performances with montages of posters, tickets and trips to create a visual sense of the frenzy of his early career years. “

MacMahon’s debut film, American epic, won the Audience Award at the Sydney International Film Festival and his musical The epic American sessions won the Audience Award and Discovery Award at the Calgary International Film Festival and a Grammy.