Doctors advised how to get rid of snoring

Врачи посоветовали, как избавиться от храпа

There are certain tips to reduce the severity of snoring – reports

You should first decide what is the reason for snoring. It is possible that a person begins to snore because of the enthusiasm of alcoholic beverages, because alcohol relaxes throat muscles. There are certain anatomical features of the mouth, enhancing snoring. In this case, the doctor can give advice or even to carry out simple surgical operation.

Many people snore, being only in a certain position, for example, on the back. In this case, can be useful for special devices that interfere with sleep in this position and subconsciously persuade a person to roll over on one or the other side.

Follow the hydration of your body, because lack of fluids or dehydration increases the risk of snoring. The researchers found that consuming 11 cups of water daily and women snore less. For men that number is 16 cups.

Of course, if you have a stuffy nose and this is happening chronically, then the probability of snoring the maximum. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to unclog the nose. It is possible to make a special decongestant drugs or using a hot shower. Also in pharmacy special strips for the nose, which also eliminates him from the slime.

There is a long-term strategy to combat the snoring like losing excess weight. Large amounts of the body increase the likelihood of snoring. Follow special exercises strengthen the throat muscles. These include singing, rhythmic movements of the jaws, counting the number of the teeth tongue and some others. Use humidifiers, because of increased dryness in the room too can cause snoring.

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