Doctors advised the graduates to pass the exams without sedation

Медики посоветовали выпускникам сдавать экзамены без успокоительных

Before the exam students should not get involved in various soothing. Even innocuous tools can reduce attention, and performance may be allergic to it. About this AGN “Moscow” said the head of the Department of psychological care and social rehabilitation clinical psychiatric hospital. N. Alekseeva of the Moscow Department of healthcare Nikita Chernov.

According to him, the anxiety and stress is a normal reaction of the psyche to a stressful situation. They activate the body’s resources to overcome it. The specialist advised to learn non-drug ways of regulation of the emotional state is different breathing practices and methods of work with attention.

However, according to experts, if the anxiety as the student increases, have started to develop insomnia, panic attacks or depression, should seek help from a specialist. In such cases, you can receive prescription drugs.

The main stage of the exam-2019 will be held from 27 may to 1 July.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin told about the choice of subjects for unified state examination and GIA graduates of Metropolitan schools. Most often students choose a social studies, English language and computer science. To pass school exams this year in Moscow will be 180 thousand people, half of them freshmen and half seniors. In total will be opened more than 830 items of the exams.