Doctors advised to increase the amount of this product in the summer days

Врачи посоветовали увеличить количество этого продукта в летние дни

American scientists said that in the heat should consume more salt.

Thus the person can protect the body from the painful condition, which explains the loss of important minerals. According to experts of the American Institute of salt due to the shortage of salt the human body can be seriously affected.

They explained that under conditions of intense perspiration and increasing the number of the person drink water in the summer can be “thinning” the blood, the result of which will be washed up important trace elements.

With sweat in the heat goes sodium and potassium, which can cause hyponatremia, that is, water intoxication with an insufficient amount of minerals. It is manifested with arterial hypotension, a reduction in tone of tissues and muscles, elasticity of the skin and various neuropsychiatric disorders.

Sodium, a major component of the cell, is necessary in order to maintain the internal environment of the body and muscle function, carried out nerve impulses and other processes.


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