Doctors called products, are actively delivering water from the body

Медики назвали продукты, активно выводящие воду из организма

Excess fluid in the body – the cause of the edema that adversely affects the health of the person.

Especially actual this problem in the summer, reports the Correspondent.

Doctors called products, the most actively delivering water from the body.

*Tea and coffee – some of the best natural diuretics. Optimal rate – 250 ml of coffee or 5 cups of tea during the day. Above normal in 200 ml of caffeine will have a negative impact on the sleep quality and the health of the heart and blood vessels.

*Lemon and its juice should be in the diet if you need to withdraw excess water from the body. Besides lemon water will restore the pH level of the body.

*Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic. At the same time with the excess water will toxins from the body.

*Oats and dry copes with problems of fluid retention. The best option would be oatmeal for Breakfast, but without sugar.

*Ginger has an excellent diuretic effect, because included in many cleansing programs. It is recommended to drink it with fresh root.

*Vegetables with expressed diuretic effect is one eggplant. Some even use the water in which it was cooked.

*Nutritionists recommend as a diuretic celery: for the use of suitable stems, and juice. He will bring water out of the body and will improve kidney condition.

* “Classic” to remove excess water from the body – a watermelon and parsley. In addition, the watermelon has an antioxidant effect, but fresh parsley will freshen the breath.

*Wonderful diuretic properties natural Apple cider vinegar is used in cooking or added to a glass of water (a few drops).

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