Doctors called signs of “contaminated” with toxins liver

Медики назвали признаки «загрязненной» токсинами печени

The American scientists told about what signs allow us to determine that human liver “polluted” with toxins.

If the liver is not released in a timely manner of harmful ingredients ability to lose activity, and a “sluggish” liver can cause different problems with the physical and emotional state of man, the emergence of excess weight or inability to lose weight. This body is extremely important for health, they write, citing experts from the United States “Current news”.

But how do you know that the liver is choking from the accumulation of trash substances?

According to experts, the weakening of the liver and the excess toxins will almost always affect the condition of the skin there itching, rash, dryness. In addition, the skin may become obvious to an unhealthy shade.

Also in the case of a congested liver the person has a persistent feeling of tiredness or weakness. Changes are observed in the stomach — painful sensations appear. The urine may become dark, also black chair or there are traces of blood, also this changes the smell, which becomes extremely unpleasant.

According to scientific experts, with the liver, by analogy with cancer the earlier the detection, it is critical to eliminate and treatment. It is better to prevent the onset of pain in the liver area because this iron makes itself felt only in the most serious cases.


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