Doctors called the drink that prolongs life

Медики назвали напиток, продлевающий жизнь

Scientists have named the drink that can prolong human life and to protect from serious diseases. It contains large amounts of antioxidants, which create this effect. This writes Inochi world.

The study was conducted over 12 years. The results showed that organic coffee protects people from deadly diseases and early death. In the process of studying the effect of boiled coffee on humans revealed a correlation – connoisseurs of this drink die less often those who prefer other beverages.

Медики назвали напиток, продлевающий жизнь

Scientists have explained this dependence by the fact that in the body slows down the oxidation processes. This work is done by the antioxidants. Also, these substances resist the destruction of the cells. This process is the basis for the occurrence of cancer, cardiovascular disease and aging.

During the studies, at least 1000 antioxidants in the coffee beans, and when they are roasting they were formed about a hundred new. Experts have determined that to reduce the risk of death need to drink up to 4 cups of coffee a day. Too many of the drink will not bring more benefits.
In the list, strangely, is not included coffee and juices. After a dream many of us immediately go to the kitchen in search of something to drink. So, doctors say that there are a number of drinks, which can have a beneficial effect on the body after waking up and also there are several types of liquid, which is strictly prohibited for consumption after sleep.

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