Doctors called the two ingredients for quick weight loss

For diet you need only two ingredients.

The American scientists told about a simple diet that will help lose weight, writes the with reference on the Styler.

Scientists from Columbia University conducted an experiment and found out how you can quickly lose weight and reduce cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

The researchers said that it is necessary to introduce in your daily diet two ingredients. The first is spices, and the second is ginger.

Volunteers who participated in the experiment, they were divided into two groups. The first were fed food which was strongly flavored with pepper, Chile, and the second watered tea with ginger. People who ate spicy food said that they have decreased craving for salty, fatty and sweet foods.

And those who regularly drank tea with ginger, reported that they will eat and at the same time consumed less calories than normal.

Scientists explained that these products contain many active components capsacin and Imperial, which in excess amounts cause fever in the human body, thereby causing an increase in blood flow and active sweating. As a result, aktiviziruyutsya metabolism and burns more fat.
However, ginger you have to be careful, as it is contraindicated for people with gastritis, ulcers or gallstones. In addition, this root reduces blood clotting and it can not be used simultaneously with some drugs type of aspirin.

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