Doctors called top 6 products that will protect from heart disease

Медики назвали топ-6 продуктов, которые защитят от болезней сердца

As is known, many diseases of the human body directly or indirectly associated with the arteries.

This suggests an objective need to maintain them clean and healthy. Doctors have compiled a list of five products that will help clean and preserve the health of the arteries.


The first product in the list is the cranberry, which helps to reduce cholesterol and to remove the increased risk of cholesterol plaques.


Garlic fights age-related defects of the cardiovascular system.


Unusual spice originally from India is an anti-inflammatory agent. Thanks curcumin contained in this spice, the arteries become hard, and the risk of cholesterol is dramatically reduced.

Медики назвали топ-6 продуктов, которые защитят от болезней сердца


Spinach a lot of elements such as Potassium and Folic acid. These minerals help to fight blood pressure and normalize heart function.

Olive oil

The antioxidants contained in this oil are ideal to protect arteries from harmful plaque from within.


Pomegranates are beneficial to the health of the mucous membrane of the arteries. Consumption of pomegranate juice will help to keep the arteries clean and return blood flow to normal limits.

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