Doctors explained how often should I change shampoo

Медики объяснили, как часто нужно менять шампунь

To care for hair, girls use a lot of different masks, conditioners, oils, shampoos and other means, but the most important of them is the shampoo.

Медики объяснили, как часто нужно менять шампунь

The girl washes your hair, photo: beautyhairexpert

It often happens that girls, when they see that their hair is undergoing some changes, immediately change the shampoo, however, experts do not recommend to do it, writes wedding. Also there is a perception that to change the shampoo you need to avoid dandruff and it is also not true.

Beauticians say, once you’ve found your shampoo and other means for hair care products that are right for you, then experimenting is not necessary.

Each type of hair matches your hair and to change them too often pointless. If you are confident in the quality of the manufacturer and satisfied with their shampoo, you do not need to go to other means. In the end, shampoo is for cleaning hair.

Modern means intended for frequent hair washing. So, if you want to wash your hair every day, please. The main thing is to use shampoo for your hair type.

Медики объяснили, как часто нужно менять шампунь

Shampoos for different hair types, photo: fonstolа

Shampoo your hair if you do not get seborrhea, psoriasis or dermatitis. As an exception, you can periodically apply a curative or preventive shampoos. They can wash your hair, alternating with the asset.

The appearance of the hair, could also affect water quality, since the molecules of water and shampoo reaction occurs. So the journey is better to take a few small tubes for different water hardness.

Experts say that if the shampoo is high quality and it suits you, it can not be changed for at least five years.

Медики объяснили, как часто нужно менять шампунь

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