Doctors have found out how the journey to work affects the body mass index

Медики выяснили, как поездка на работу влияет на индекс массы тела

Commute to work using public transport or on foot people have a lower body mass index than those who go to the location on the car. Sedentary lifestyle provokes the appearance of cancer and other ailments.

According to doctors, the healthy lifestyle and sport activities strengthen muscles, in addition, in humans, increased mood and increased life expectancy. Received from the active movement effect held for a long time for the respondents, invited experts. The most useful method to get to work — a Bicycle. People who use this transport, weigh on 5 kg less than motorists. The second point was taken by the pedestrian, the third — employees who prefer to commute by buses or trams.
Doctors advise to use active ways to get to work. This prevents the collection of excess weight if the person doesn’t want to play sports.


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