Doctors have shared valuable information about the menopause

Медики поделились ценной информацией о менопаузе

Menopause for women is not just another stage of growing up, and in this case — aging, but also full of hormonal changes the body.

Generally, the occurrence of menopause is accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as hot flashes, extra weight, mood swings, reduced libido and so on.

Doctors believe that food can slightly delay the natural aging process, however, as to accelerate it if to consume those products which suggest there are doctors.

That is, to push back the start of menopause?

Scientists from the USA conducted several studies, which could come to the conclusion that the regular consumption of a woman, oily fish, legumes, and foods rich In b vitamins, contributes to a small, but still postponing menopause.

According to researchers, eating listed products, the woman will have 3-4 years not to be wary of menopause, along with its unpleasant symptoms.

It is interesting to know

Women who observe a vegetarian or vegan diet, you risk dealing with menopause much earlier than it could afford to assume. It turns out that the thing in short supply of fatty acids and excess tissue, thereby violated the hormones and can occur early menopause.

Therefore, doctors do not advise to completely abandon the products of animal origin, leaving the diet at least fish and seafood.

By the way, according to American scientists,women who lean on rice and pasta, on the contrary, provoke early aging.

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