Doctors have warned about the dangers of daytime sleep

Медики предупредили об опасности дневного сна

Doctors have warned that daytime sleep is fraught with risk of stroke.

This was announced by the experts after a long experiment in China in which he took part on 31 750 volunteers.

It is reported that after a 6-year study found that those people who sleep during the day or in principle more than 9 hours a day are more at risk of stroke than those who do not sleep in day time or moderately, but efficiently otdihaet night.

The experiment involved men, whose average age was 62 years. Before the test, doctors conducted a survey and found that the earlier the subjects of the stroke never happened. Moreover, all study participants were healthy.
8% of the volunteers rested about 1-1. 5 hours a day, and 24% of people slept at night more than 9 hours.

Медики предупредили об опасности дневного сна

Medical findings were amazing. It turned out that those who rested more than 9 hours a day was at risk of stroke by 23% more than those people who slept fewer hours. Those who allow themselves to sleep more than 9 hours a night and NAP during the day had 85% greater risk of stroke.

Therefore, doctors recommend to sleep. However, it should be done moderately – not more than 8 hours a day of sleep is enough to prevent stroke.

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