Doctors have warned about the main danger of the toilet with the lid open

Медики предупредили о главной опасности унитаза с открытой крышкой

Scientist at the University of Arizona Charles coat of Arms has told of the danger of flushing toilet without lid closed. The expert is sure that in this case, “fireworks of bacteria” is spreading across the bathroom from the walls to the towels.

Professor of Microbiology said that for some people leaving the lid open is a bad habit, while others are not even aware of the danger. The fact that during the descent of water in the toilet forms a “fireworks germs”, flying across the room. They may land on towels, toothbrushes and other hygiene items. Moreover, released “freedom” microorganisms rather quickly spread throughout the house.

According to experts, on average, each person visits the toilet six times a day, and an open toilet lid during flushing increases the risk of various bacterial infections. It should be noted that modern low flow toilets reduce the amount of spray droplets, but the problem still remains. Considering all these factors, experts recommend to close the toilet lid after use, and also to lower the seat.

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