Doctors have warned how dangerous the gloomy weather to human health

Медики предупредили, чем опасна пасмурная погода для здоровья человека

Scientists at the state University of new York at Binghamton (USA) stated that prolonged gloomy weather threat to a healthy human psyche. They found that lack of daylight can cause obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Studies have confirmed that the most common symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder appear in people living at high latitudes because that is where in a year more cloudy days than Sunny. The human psyche is having such ailment, is characterized by Intrusive and scary thoughts that are called obsessions. To get rid of this phenomenon, the person tries to use compulsive, that is, repetitive behavior and actions. For example, if a person fears germs, he washes his hands up to a hundred times a day.

Also, scientists from the United States said that people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder, constantly nedomajot from lack of sleep. So researchers are working to develop new treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder with a cast of a person’s sleep to normal.

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