Doctors posted a list of drugs that do not cure. Suddenly!

Врачи выложили в сеть список препаратов, которые ничего не лечат. Неожиданно!

For anybody not a secret that pharmaceutical companies are very interested in the fact that we can buy as much medication. So here’s the thing: the man is to recover, as he ceases to need them.

So cunning businessmen have built a system of rumors, misinformation, advertising and propaganda, the aim of which is to convince us to buy drugs, whose effectiveness is, at least, raises questions.

Unfortunately, doctors are often bought (sometimes literally) on this pseudo-scientific lies and naive patients are prescribed a variety of useless pills.

In addition, the huge role played by habit (“My mother always took sage from the heart!”) and the so-called placebo effect: if people believe that medication will help him, in many cases, it really helps.

There is nothing wrong, but if you don’t want to spend money (sometimes a lot) for analogs of the colored water, read our list and learn.

Caution: the reading of the text may lead to the termination of the placebo effect!

1. Arbidol.

Active substance: umifenovir.

Other names: “Armetale”, “Ariflo”, “Orbital NP”, “Acetal”, “Immolat”.

Soviet invention of 1974, is not recognized by the world health organization. Clinical trials of the drug for human diseases was carried out only in the CIS and China.

This is supposedly an antiviral drug with immunomodulating effect for the treatment of many diverse diseases, including influenza, but its effectiveness is still not proven.

2. Essentiale.

Active substance: polyenylphosphatidylcholine.

Other names: “Essentiale Forte”, “Essentiale N”, “Essentiale Forte N”.

This popular drug to protect the liver, like all other so-called “medications” that does not protect the liver. Scientific studies have found a positive effect when taking “Essentiale”, but found something else: in acute and chronic viral hepatitis it can lead to increased retention of bile and activity of inflammation.

In fact, it is a food additive.

3. Probiotics.

Active substance: live microorganisms.

Popular drugs: “hilak Forte”, “Atsilakt”, “Sifilis”, “Lactobacterin”, “Bifiform”, “Sporobakterin”, “Enteral”.

Moreover, the efficacy of probiotics has not been proven; apparently, most of the microorganisms contained in these products, and yet are not alive. The fact that the packaging process destroys 99% of all the potentially beneficial bacteria and spores. With the same success it is possible to drink a glass of buttermilk. In Europe and the USA probiotics are not prescribed.

4. Mezim Forte.

Active substance: Pancreatin.

Other names: “Biofactory”, “Normanton”, “Festal”, “Enzistal”, “Biosim”, “Vestal”, “Hastener”, “Kreon”, “Micrasim”, “Panim”, “Panzinorm”, “Pancreatin”, “Were”, “Penzital”, “Uni-Festal”, “Anziane”, “Armidale”.

According to studies, the Pancreatin can be effective except with indigestion. Diabetes, pancreatitis, hernia and these disorders of the digestive tract it does not cure.

5. Corvalol.

Active substance: phenobarbital.

Other names: “Valokordin”, “Valocordin”.

Phenobarbital is a dangerous barbiturate with a strong narcotic effect.

With regular use in large doses causes severe neurological and cognitive disorders (disorders of short-term memory, impaired speech, unsteadiness of gait), inhibits sexual function, which he banned in USA, UAE and many European countries.

6. Piracetam.

Active substance: piracetam.

Other names: “Lucetam”, “Memotropil”, “Nootropil”, “Paratrooper”, “Cerebral”.

Like all other nootropic drugs, known mainly in the CIS. The efficacy of piracetam has not been proven, but there is information about unwanted side effects. In most developed countries are not registered.

7. Cinnarizine.

Active substance: difenilpiperazina.

Other names: “Stagein”, “Stugeron”, “Lunaran”.

Cinnarizine is currently produced mainly in Bangladesh, whereas in the West it was banned for use 30 years ago. Why? The list of side effects would take too much space, so will mention only that the use Cinnarizine can lead to an acute form of parkinsonism.

8. Validol.

Active substance: mentolovy the ester of isovaleric acid.

Other names: “Alafin”, “Mantova”.

An obsolete drug with unproven effectiveness. In any case don’t rely on it when you heart problems! It does nothing, and when heart attack, every minute counts!

9. Novo-passit.

Active substance: guaifenesin.

This supposedly antibioticheskih the product contains many different herbal extracts, but its only the active ingredient is an expectorant.

It is often included in drugs for cough, but can not provide a sedative effect, attributed to “new passito”.

10. Geelix.

Active substance: ivy leaf extract.

Other names: “Gagarin”, “Helical”, “Prospan”.

The national Institute of health of USA conducted an extensive research and came to the following conclusion: despite the popularity of the extract of ivy leaf is ineffective in the treatment of cough. Drink tea with lemon, or something.

11. Glycine.

Glycine — it is not a cure, and the simplest amino acid. In fact, this is another bioactive additive that does not bear the body neither harm nor good. Clinical efficacy of glycine is not something that is not proven, but not even investigated.

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