Doctors told about the danger of bicycles for health

Медики рассказали об опасности велотренажеров для здоровья

Regular exercise bikes can cause harm to the human kidney. Such devices not only popular among the visitors of the gym, because they can be easily place in your home.

Intensive training using a stationary bike can lead to kidney failure. This condition may be a consequence of muscle injuries caused by excessive force on the part of man. In the future muscle injury can lead to rhabdomyolysis, when out of damaged muscle cells released a significant amount of protein. These substances can trigger kidney dysfunction.

Increase the load if training on simulators in a gradual mode. If muscle pain is accompanied by nausea and her urine has a dark tint, is to reduce the intensity of your workouts. When classes are not excessive, the simulator is really useful for a person, so it is important to observe a measure during such physical exertion.

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