Doctors told about the dangers of living in a large city

Врачи рассказали об опасности проживания в мегаполисе

Life in a big city increases the risk of cancer. Most affected are residents of big cities due to lack of vitamin D which can prevent cancer.

Vitamin is responsible for many functions in the body and deficiency can lead to weakness, fatigue and even cancer. Scientists from the USA told about the danger of living in the city for women. Doctors had previously concluded that at high content of vitamin D in girls reduces the risk of breast cancer. The main source of vitamin is sunlight. It is recommended to walk in the fresh air, sunbathe in the morning.

However, the breast Irina Burdina said that still should not be abused by exposure to the sun, because the excess ultraviolet radiation acts on the contrary and exacerbates the problems in the body. Also do not need to be a long time in the Solarium, which is so like girls of big cities. In pursuit of tanned skin can get cancer.


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