Doctors told about the main symptom of lung cancer

Медики рассказали о главном симптоме рака легких

One of the main symptoms — severe weight loss.

Weight loss without special measures taken for such weight loss — a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. This was stated by scientists from the UK. Experts claim that such “unmotivated” weight loss may be the first symptom of a deadly disease.

“Never ignore unexplained weight loss, because this may be the first sign of development of lung cancer” — this view was expressed by scientists from the National health service England the NHS.

Doctors emphasize the symptoms of lung cancer can be subtle in the early stages. However, there are some control signs which become increasingly important with the development of the disease. Weight loss is one of them – this is most noticeable external symptom secretly flowing from time to time of the disease.

Researchers are advised to carefully monitor their own weight and severe weight loss immediately seek medical examination. According to them, lung cancer is most often diagnosed in elderly patients aged 70 to 74 years, but were not exclusive and the discovery of the disease in people over 40 years.


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