Doctors told how affects the body, Coca-Cola

Врачи рассказали, как влияет на организм кока-кола

The drink that filled store shelves from all over the world, everyone knows.

But long started to be disputes regarding the use of the drink. Why Coca-Cola is harmful to human body? What harm it brings, according to the with reference on Tape.
Among the components of a classic Coca-Cola has the following components:

Cardioid carbon (E290)Dyes, such as scarlet and sugar colonostomy kislotoustoytchivi of natural origin.Fascinating taste gives the drink the vanilla, oil of cloves, lemon and simtowe oil. This high-calorie product, because 100 grams is 42 calories.

Special attention is to provide a phosphoric acid. This is a dangerous food additive. In the composition of Coca-Cola is a large number of this component.

Once in the body, he brings the bones of calcium. Then they get into the blood stream and Lodge in the kidney, which hurts doubly.

In the result, the bone loses calcium and kidney stones are formed. Many other drinks contain dyes and other components. But only Coca-Cola due to the presence of phosphoric acid destroys the kidneys. In addition, such a dietary Supplement is bad for tooth enamel, destroying it and adding yellow.

Caffeine is present in other beverages and medications, but in combination with the above components it turns into a powerful weapon that has a negative impact on the body. Enhanced by a diuretic effect, causing output of useful minerals that are essential for bone health.

In addition, the body of the washed magnesium, sodium, potassium. Therefore, thinking why Coca code harmful to health, it can be understood that the drink deprives a person of essential trace elements.

This soda inhibits the enzymes that break down fats, which leads to the appearance of extra pounds. This affects the sugars in the drink. Dyes do harm on the skin, the stomach, intestines, liver.

What happens when the man drank Coca-Cola

To understand why harmful Coca-Cola, it is necessary to consider the body’s reaction to the drink. When people drink this soda, there are such changes:

After about 10 minutes. Exceeded dose of sugar in the drink instantly hits for all organs. But people will feel good because of the suppression of phosphoric acid effects of sugar.

After the third hour. Instantly spikes the insulin in the bloodstream, so the liver converts fats obtained sugar.

After about 40 minutes. Caffeine is completely absorbed, as can be seen by the advanced pupils, increased blood pressure. There is a blocking of adenosine receptors, so the person does not tends to sleep, he feels fresh.