Doctors told how to neutralize the dangers of fatty food

Медики рассказали, как нейтрализовать вред жирной еды

Black pepper neutralizes the harm of fatty foods due to piperonal – the substance that prevents the set of man of excess weight. The plant reduces blood sugar and prevents diabetes. To such conclusion employees of king’s College in London.

Медики рассказали, как нейтрализовать вред жирной еды

English doctors, along with colleagues from India studied the effects of ingestion of black pepper. It turns out that the plant contains piperonal preventing the development of obesity. Doctors conducted a study on mice, which were added to high-calorie foods this substance. As a result, the test subjects decreased the level of sugar in the blood, improved metabolism, increased muscle mass and strengthened bones. Thus, to prevent diabetes and set of excess weight is to regularly consume black pepper.

Recall that fatty food leads to indigestion and prevents the development of hormones. Regular intake of high-calorie foods in humans, there is excess weight increases the load on the joints and heart. Because of greasy food in the body may experience a deficiency of insulin and develop diabetes. Black pepper will relieve these problems.

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