Doctors told you what kind of meat birds can be deadly

Медики рассказали, какое мясо птицы может быть смертельно опасным

Due to higher prices for beef and pork Ukrainians are increasingly buying chicken

Institute of agricultural policy estimated that the average Ukrainian consumes annually about 25 pounds of chicken.

Chicken meat can be extremely dangerous for the Ukrainians, as the producers of feeding poultry antibiotics to those not sick. Due to the constant consumption of such meat is much suffering the human body.

If people get sick and needed antibiotic medicines may not work due to the constant consumption of broiler chicken.

To protect yourself from eating meat, stuffed with antibiotics, you can, if you choose Turkey or duck. These types of meat can not be broilers. It is also possible to use other types of protein – dairy products and eggs.

Thus it is necessary to limit the use of chicken once or twice a week. Under these conditions the body is able to cope with hazardous substances in the chicken.

Nutritionist Alexander Kusch noted that the most harmful substances accumulate in the liver, skin and legs, least of all in the brisket.


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