Doctors warn that this flu season will be severe

Врачи предупреждают: этот сезон гриппа будет тяжелым

Exploring the flu this year in the southern hemisphere (where the season starts about 6 months before), the doctors came to the conclusion that you need to prepare for severe epidemics in the Northern hemisphere

For example, in Australia it was recorded 4 times more infections than the average for the previous 5 years, and 2 times more deaths.

The predominant virus for the southern hemisphere were H3N2 (it is included in the vaccine this year). It was he to blame for the epidemic of 2017-2018, which killed a large number of people. The centers for control and disease prevention called it the deadliest flu season in decades.

Because last year’s flu season was more mild, the doctors are worried that people can calm down and skip the flu shot this year. Health workers assure that the flu vaccine is available, and anyone over the age of 6 months and do not have specific contraindications should receive it by the end of October. Including pregnant women.

Doctors emphasize that influenza is harmful to people, it can cause hospitalization and even death. Vaccination can prevent severe disease.

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