Does the age of marriage on the probability of divorce?

Scientists have found,it is possible to calculate the happiest age, which will allow you to stay with your loved together for many years.

Чи впливає вік укладання браку на вірогідність розлучення?

Such research was conducted by the American sociologist Nicholas Wulfgar. He analyzed data from the American national survey of family dynamics, 2006-2010, and 2011-2013.

It turned out that the likelihood of divorces among people who marry at age a little younger or a little older than 30 years were significantly lower than those who married earlier or later.

It does not matter where the couple lived – in metropolis or a small town, which nationality they were, they had the level of education, lifestyle, etc .. Why is this happening? There are a number of explanations.

1. Psychological maturity of the partners

People in the age 28-32 years, as a rule, quite able to understand whether they are able to get along and to get along with a partner, unlike younger people, who are often blind webwheel hormones.

“Love is a castle in the air, but marriage is a structure that stands firmly on the ground.” Oriental proverb.

2. The syndrome of “intermediate stops”

Thirty years, as a rule, have already decided on a career choice and had to “choose” different responsibilities, their financial situation is usually possible, if not completely to keep a partner, then at least to support him in case of need.

They have something to live for, and even – sometimes – where you live. Running for material achievements is suspended, people want to enjoy life.

But – warning: this intermediate stop in the period of 40-45 years rethought a lot of things made and sometimes decide to change everything. Including a life partner.

3. The woman starts the ticking “biological clock”

Thirty years beauty start strict approach to the choice of partner in the first place making the requirements, so he was a good father (or, at least, a good provider). They can slightly reduce the level of commitment of the potential partner that guarantees the creation of a family.

4. Habits and lifestyle have not “rusted”

In thirty years, the Outlook is still relatively flexible. Partners are ready to compromise and seek common solutions. They can adjust the way of living and of ghosts, if that’s the way life is in marriage. They also most often has no “baggage” in the form of former friends and children from a previous marriage.

5. In thirty years the lack of is a more conscious decision.

If in 20 years decision partners often take rassmotren hormones. And 40 push before marriage is often a desire to rely on a strong shoulder and together to experience life’s problems (previous travaux termination, the difficulties of raising a child alone, financial problems, etc).

30 years young, successful, healthy, forming families because they see in it a natural stage of development of their life.

Summing up, the American sociologist advises young people from 20 to 28 years old to get an education and build a career, and then to create a family. Then, even in the case of divorce it will be easier to stay on his feet.

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