Dog breeds most loyal to their owners

Of all the animals domesticated by man, the most loyal creature is a dog.

Породи собак, які найвідданіші своїм господарям

Skeptics argue that the owners themselves are attributed to pupils of the qualities of their four-legged friends do not own, informs Rus.Media.

But the fact remains: the world famous thousands of real stories of manifestations of unbreakable love. Their heroes were the representatives of the most loyal breeds of dogs.

Fifth place: Rottweiler

Породи собак, які найвідданіші своїм господарям

Large black dogs originally from Germany, with a strong body with a height of 56-68 cm and a weight of 42-50 kg known independence, determination and ingenuity. The owners of great strength and fearless nature, they have been successfully applied in a sentry service. At the slightest threat of the mighty dogs demonstrate aggression and strong jaw. So the main thing that you need to pay attention to a skilled of training.

They immediately rushed to help owners who are in trouble.

Fourth place: the border collie

Породи собак, які найвідданіші своїм господарям

Two-tone furry beings, whose height at the withers does not exceed 55 cm, in the XVI century helped the English shepherds to conduct the flocks along the winding paths. Endurance, vigor and diligence, the border collie has carried through the centuries – traditional today, they occupy the first place in competitions. Specimens that are included in the ranking of the most loyal dogs, the dog is considered the smartest dogs on the planet. Intelligent animals remember up to 200 commands and know how to add numbers (within 5).

The need for these dogs. Left alone, cheerful dogs fall into melancholy. Faithful companions, they accompany their owners everywhere, looking at them with undisguised adoration.

Third place: Labrador Retriever

Породи собак, які найвідданіші своїм господарям

Intellectual, hard worker, active companion, a baby-sitter and a true friend. It all about the Labrador, which long occupied a pedestal of the most beloved and loyal friends of man.

Modern labs are the animals beautifully proportioned, the height at the withers reaches of 61 cm and a body weight of 40 kg. They have very high energy levels, friendliness and lack of aggression.

Second place: Akita inu

Породи собак, які найвідданіші своїм господарям

The oldest dog, the existence of which is known since the second Millennium B. C. E. got its name from the Japanese province Akita – places the origins of the breed. Handsome handsome with a shoulder-height 61-67 cm has kept a balanced character and a great intellect. Inquisitive and playful as a puppy, adult dogs become real sages, who can control their emotions. The only drawback, which could face a host of four-legged aristocrat, is a rare stubbornness of the animal.

The most loyal breed of dog in the world

Породи собак, які найвідданіші своїм господарям

German shepherd dog – the most loyal breed of dog in the world.

Muscular animals in the height of 56-66 cm have a natural balance, activity, receptivity to training, and distrust of others. The desire to serve the master and the mind are connected with fearlessness and desire to benefit.

According to the canine, a Rottweiler, a border collie, Labrador, Akita and German shepherd have a heightened sense of attachment. Therefore, buying a puppy from one of these breeds, the future owner can be sure that his pupil, who grew up in an atmosphere of understanding and love for life will remain faithful to his master.