Dog saved a cat in the fountain, while people were bezdari

Kindness animal smote the people, and the video has gained popularity.

Пес врятував кота у фонтані, поки люді бездіяли

Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the video, which invokes mixed feelings. On the one hand, it looks ridiculous, and even touching, but on the other hand, there are things that need to be answered, informs Rus.Media.

But let’s take first things first.

In the video, which became popular on the Internet, you receive black and white cat. He splashes in the water, trying to get out of it. Apparently, it’s a fountain. The cat is very scared, so when the frame appears the dog uses sharp claws. The poor dog, in spite of the attack by the cat, is on deck and tilts her face to understand what is happening.

At this point he slides off the ledge and turns in the water together with the cat. Murchik quickly realizes that this is a great way to get out of the fountain, and quickly jumps on the dog. The blink dog appeared, and then swims to the edge. He tries to jump out, but his wet feet are slippery, and the animal nothing happens.

But the cat-cunning, seizing the opportune moment, jumping to the side. He immediately meets another dog, which, as it turned out, all the while spinning near the fountain. Scared cat jumps down from the ledge and runs away. The dog, standing near the water, runs after him.

Well, our hero, who unwittingly saved the cat, all the while trying to get out, again and again falling into the water. Finally, gathering all his strength, he is on Board, too, shakes off and runs away.

On the one hand, the video is reminiscent of the spirit animals, where the dog comes to the rescue of the cat, on the other hand, perhaps if the dog was not near the fountain, he wouldn’t have to jump into the water, saving the cat.

Netizens who saw this video criticized the man who was filmed on camera, so he did not even lift a finger to help animals. We also had a question about this: why are people just filming the video, not even thinking that the cat and dog needed his help?