Doggie will have to wait for the cup

Toutou devra patienter pour la coupe

Several salon owners of pet grooming lament the fact of having been immersed in confusion for a few days, wrongly believing that they could resume their activities as soon as the 4 may.

The majority of the grooming services have been closed since march 23, because of the pandemic. The government has presented, last Tuesday, his plan déconfinement that will allow the reopening of several businesses; some groomers have then believed that they had the green light to resume the job as early as the 11th of may.

“On the one hand, we are told that we cannot open, and on the other, we are told that we will be closed until may 4, and that we have the right to open it, since we have a storefront,” explains Pascale Landes, owner of Lavadog.

“For me, I am a retail business, since we sell a service to consumers,” she continued.

Ms. Landes has attempted to inform on the government site, to no avail.

She is even sent to the police authorities, in order to know if it would be considered in default if it began on may 4, and they told him that they did not know.

And to be certain, it indicates that it has also contacted the information line of

“The lady on the phone, she told me that we were allowed to reopen. It is a real headache”, she says, having heard to the contrary on the news.

The Newspaper has also contacted this same line of information on the same day. The man who took the call said the opening was not yet permitted.

The spokesperson of the ministry of Economy, Jean-Pierre D’auteuil, said the Thursday morning.

“The grooming of the animals are not allowed to re-open their doors on the 4th may. These are not retail stores, but shopping services,” he said by e-mail.

Marianne Bedard, from the living room Kopsana, laments of this expectation extends to its customers and their faithful companion.

“After a month, people can still wait, but after two months, the vein grows in the claws, which they also grow. One begins to think that the government does not find that the animals are important”, let it fall.

The Dr. Amélie Leclerc from the veterinarian hospital reminds pet owners that, despite the pandemic, it is necessary to stay abreast of their needs. Particularly at the level of the claws, which require special attention. During the pandemic, it invites the people to visit the site to help them get through with their animals.

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