Dollarama continues his “prime-pandemic” until August

Dollarama prolonge sa «prime-pandémie» jusqu’en août

After having considered put a stop to the chain of stores Dollarama has finally decided to extend by one month the payment of his bonus COVID.

The decision has been communicated to employees Friday, 26 June last, has learned The Log, this without the company listed on the Toronto stock Exchange does not an official announcement.

“Dollarama has decided to continue to offer the bonus for one more month, until August 2, 2020, confirmed Tuesday his spokesperson Lyla Radmanovich.

A decision, she added, ” to recognize the incredible work that its employees have done to enable Holdings to fulfill its role as a commerce essential “.

10% premium

This premium was established on the 23rd march last at Dollarama, in the wake of the spread of the Covid-19 in the country.

Many retailers had adopted such a measure at that time, in recognition of the dedication of their staff, and fears of its spread.

Considered essential services, the market power of dealers and retailers of general merchandise, such as Dollarama, then formed with a marked increase in their traffic.

At Dollarama, this premium amounts to 10% of the hourly wage of the employees, says the company. In Quebec, a paid employee, for example, the minimum hourly rate of 13,10$, would be beneficial, therefore, for a premium of$ 1.31, to reach the final 14,41$ an hour.

Manifestation of the employees

In mid-June, some sixty workers demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the montreal company.

Organized by the Centre of workers and immigrants, the protest was the claim of better measures of health and safety to protect workers against the pandemic.

The employees of the stores and its distribution centers deplored in addition to the problems of detachment, and demanded the installation of dispensers of gels on the workplace. The protesters were also of the view that the company should continue to pay them their wage premium, even after the pandemic.

Withdrawal for most

Monday, June 29, Lowe’s Canada, a subsidiary of the american company of the same name, has also announced an extension for the payment of their “premium temporary special”$ 2 per hour for the entire month of July in its stores, Rona and Réno-Dépôt.

The case of Lowe’s and Dollarama are exceptions, given that in recent weeks, most of the companies that had introduced such a measure have in turn put an end to their special bonus.

In addition to Olymel, has been hard hit by the pandemic, retailers such as Walmart, Loblaw, Sobeys and Metro have all eventually announced the end of the payment of this premium temporary.

On the Toronto stock Exchange, the action of Dollarama will have recovered all of its losses related to the Covid in the last few months.

After reaching a low of 35,45$ on march 23, the value of his or her title has not ceased to make since to close Tuesday at 45,16$. This is an increase of 0.24% compared to its value (45,05$) at the beginning of 2020.

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