“Dom-2” news and rumors today, 14.03.2018: controversial news and rumors “Dom-2” from March 14

«Дом-2» новости и слухи сегодня, 14.03.2018: скандальные новости и слухи «Дом-2» от 14 марта

On telestroke “House-2” there is a huge number of events, including today, 14 March 2018, the following news: Olga spoke out against the new relationship of his son. Maya Dontsova continues to attack Alexei Bush.

News and rumors “Dom-2” today, 14.03.2018: scandals, gossip

— Olga Rapunzel happy subscribers good news. They with Dmitry Dmitrenko completely ready for childbirth, mentally and physically. This test, the couple decided to go together, but to support the daughter will come also the mother of Olya, which may for some time remain with them to help with the baby.

— Daughter Tats and Valera Responsibility yesterday said the first word — “daddy.” Valera and early in the Seychelles didn’t really like it, and now he’s completely at home longed.

Maya Alexey Dontsov blames Bush for the failure in the competition. “We were not in the competition, the Million Wedding for the next stage. So I decided the audience who were sitting on a talk show. It’s probably due to the fact that there was a lot of talk that Alex for the wedding is not ready, and it was thus decided to save the audience from the marriage with me because we were one of the main contenders for the wedding. So in General now we have small conflicts, due to the fact that I’m trying Alex to explain what he has said a lot of things. Sometimes says that he is ready, sometimes suggests that it is not ready, the action shows that he is not ready to marry… I believe that we are married, that the wedding we will have, regardless of the competition, we still come to this and we’ll be fine. Believe that we will develop. So strongly do not rejoice that we are not in competition. I think that everything will be fine,” said the girl.

— Recently Alexey kupin no secret of his desire to legalize the relationship with Maya Dontsova, however, in recent time, a young man less starting conversations on this topic. Moreover, the young man does not hide that his conduct repels the second half, and the quarrel became a frequent visitor in his relationship with the series. However, the team became increasingly suspicious of the young man in sympathy with the other girls, so, quite recently, he attributed, for example, the affair with Elena Graminei. Although in that situation Kupina managed to defend his innocence, the recent case of Alex flirting with a new participant — by Anastasia Cokeboy gave the answer to many questions. There is little doubt that Dontsova rather tired Kupina. Moreover, the young man does not afraid of the news about the possible infertility of the girl, because he had made a decision about parting, and just waiting for the right moment to defect to Macevoy.

Returning to the project in order to build a relationship with Ekaterina Zinovieva, Alexander Gobozov almost immediately over to Ivan Delovoy. However, this relationship did not last long. Despite the fact that Gobozov has expressed an interest to go to the registry office itself Ivan chose not to hurry in this matter than, in fact, ruined their relationship. However, despite a series of setbacks, Sasha refused to build relations on the project. Among his favorites in a short period of time was visited by Ekaterina Pronina and Viktoriya Borisevich, and now all his attention is drawn to Olga Zharikova. It became known that Olga, more recently, dreamed about Ilya Jabbarova, the one who cared for the sick by Gobozova that was a very pleasant surprise. However, few people is ready to support the newly enamored Sasha, and first Gobozova-senior. According to the announcement of the future broadcast, Olga, who welcomed to the fold Zinoviev and Dilove, not happy with Zharikova. In this case, the woman insists that Sasha did not rush things and merely courtship.

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