Dominican republic: the “tourism of shame” to “J. E”

République dominicaine: le «tourisme de la honte» à «J.E»

MONTREAL – The sun and the beautiful beaches we usually come to mind when one thinks of the dominican Republic. More than 300 000 Quebecers go there, moreover, annually to make the full of vitamin D. But some destinations of the country are sadly recognized as the capitals of prostitution.

This is the case of the town of Sosua, where very young prostitutes, and even children, are at the heart of a degrading trade that the team of “J. E” has peeled off.


In the interview, the journalist Denis Therriault weighs his words. First, because the file is extremely delicate. And then, because the discoveries unearthed by the team of “J. E” in the reporting of the “Tourism of the shame” are disturbing. We will be very shocked by them? Yes, slice, categorically, Mr. Therriault, without the slightest hesitation.

“Shocked by what we see and hear,” let there glide, before describing the approach put forward by “J. E”.

“We went to Sosua, which is a tourist destination sexual recognized. We draw the portrait of the phenomenon of Sosua, that some are calling a “brothel open to the sky”. It is the demonstration of what is going on there and the efforts that are being made by the authorities; we will be able to demonstrate up to what point it gives the result. There are things that have been made recently, but up to what point it is effective? That attempt to the authorities about that?”

“It is also, and especially, on the trail of Quebecers who go on the spot… and who have secrets travel, continues Denis Therriault. It is sure that there are men all over who go there for it specifically. There are prostitutes that are major, and there are others, too… to what extent is this a plague, there? It is necessary to go there to be able to understand it, see it and explain it.”


What is hidden

Denis Therriault there goes a warning: what happens in Sosua, is not representative of the social climate of the dominican Republic.

“There, it is very particular, says the reporter. At the time we speak, it is far from being a family destination. Sosua is a case in point. There are what happens to the big day, and there is that which is hidden. Truly hidden. What we do not see necessarily in the first glance is even more cause for concern, and addresses it head on in the show. In both cases, there is an insertion in the two media, in different ways. We want to show all the facets of this destination sexual, that will quickly shift in the destination of shame, in some respects, given the behaviour of the people who go there.”


Denis Therriault spent four days in the dominican Republic at the end of January for the purposes of the investigation of the “Tourist shame”. Some portions have also been recorded in the province. Segments “that will surprise people,” predicts Denis Therriault.

The program “Tourism of shame”, of “J. E”, will be released on Thursday 13 February, at 21 h, in VAT.

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