Dominion Textile located in Magog: a film dating 66-year-old resurfaced

Dominion Textile à Magog: un film datant de 66 ans refait surface

The Magog river and the Dominion Textile in 1934. (Photo : The Magog river and the Dominion Textile in 1934.)

TEXTILE. The projection of a film shot in the former Dominion Textile in 1953 relive distant memories to some former employees, last Saturday.

The Collective of the District of the Weavers took advantage of the Journées de la culture to present “The cotton made in Canada”. This is a find unearthed at the national Archives and Library of Quebec. At the time of filming, they were 2000 to the employment of this company, which was at the time 1 Magogois on 7.

The factory magogoise was selected for this documentary, because it was the first in Canada to convert to 100 % the raw material (cotton) into finished products (sheet and pillowcase).

In addition to this film, the Collective has made the balance sheet of its activities for the past year, presented the testimonies of the former employees and offered a conference on the historian Serge Gaudreau, on the beautiful days of Dominion Textile.

A member of this organization, Daniel Faucher, was concerned about the weak monitoring of the City of Magog in the revitalization of this industrial complex, deemed historic by the Collective. “We are still waiting for a citation heritage local, and that cutting the way to a provincial classification”, says he.

Mow advises that a representative of Parks Canada recently visited the outside of the former Dominion Textile, because of its interest in heritage and history. This complex has been designated a “national historic site” in 1989, because it was the only plant in the 19th century in Canada to do the spinning, weaving, bleaching and printing under the same roof.

The installation of a commemorative plaque would be in the plans of Parks Canada in the early 2020.

Given the size of the folder, the Collective would have appreciated the presence of a municipal representative at the meeting last Saturday.

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