Dominique Anglade, chief of the party federalist

Dominique Anglade, chef du parti fédéraliste

Dominique Anglade will have finally had it easy. Those who did not want it in the direction of the QLP had not really managed to find him a serious opponent.

Alexandre Cusson was not the weight. Without an agenda, without ideas, it was a bit misplaced in this race, allowing itself to convince him that he would be the candidate regions. He has never been able to find the tone that was appropriate – it should also be said that it has not heard a lot.

Political victim collateral of the pandemic, he had to withdraw from the race because he no longer had the means to participate in it.

Dominique Anglade was now single track. We handed him a crown. She is very happy to wear it.


She inherits a party in a paradoxical situation. Electorally, the LIBERALS are doing poorly and appears to be folded in its bastions. It must be said, however, that these bastions multiply and multiply even under the weight of massive immigration which leads to Quebec in a profound demographic change.

In the past, fortresses liberal were concentrated in the west of Montreal. Today, we can say that in Montreal, such as Laval as a whole have become fortresses liberal. In other words, the QLP may lose an election or two, even three, but it is never in danger of disappearing, and it is sufficient for him to conquer a marginal portion of the vote in French-speaking to regain the power.

Intends to make Dominique Anglade of the QLP ?

Some, that imagine themselves more clever, like to remind that she found herself for a time to the CAQ and believe that it carries with it more or less secretly a few timid nationalist convictions.

We should not deceive ourselves. Dominique Anglade belonged to the wing ultrafédéraliste of the party of François Legault, and left because she was considered “too radical” in terms of identity and immigration. We speak here of a party that banned religious signs ostentatious homes of the employees of the State in a position of authority, and that is simply artificially reduce the levels of immigration for two years. Radical, these mesurettes ? We are allowed to smile.

No one disputes the virtues political and intellectual Dominique Anglade. She wants power, and is ready to take and give blows to have it. Who has not this quality has no place in politics.

But from a historical point of view, its crowning glory is part of a trend : that of the colonization ideology of LPQ by the PLC.

The party federalist, in Quebec, is less and less the heir of Robert Bourassa and more one of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Multiculturalism, government of the judges, ultrafédéralisme : this will be the base ideological.


It would embrace also the environmental cause. His beliefs in the matter are sincere. But they come in second place, after its trudeauisme.

It may be that she would say nationalist to connect with the electorate in French-speaking. It will immediately ask her what she meant by this term. She may babble a response convoluted. Do not want that. There are limits to say the opposite of what you think.

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