Donald Trump at the monument of Abraham Lincoln

Donald Trump au monument d’Abraham Lincoln

We know since a good time already: Donald Trump was eager to get back on the road. Confined to the White House for the past few weeks, he planned a first date for Sunday.

The president will speak on the current crisis and will answer questions for two hours. We are attempting to duplicate the formula of “town hall” (public assembly), but without the presence of the crowd on the site. The event, dubbed “America Together: Returning to Work” will be hosted by two presenters of Fox News: Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

Already many analysts believe that it is premature and of very poor taste, to administration, to congratulate him on his strategy in the issue of the fight against the COVID-19. A little while ago, Jared Kushner, son-in-law and adviser to the president, recalled “a great success story”. Difficult to reconcile this statement with the balance sheet of the us. More than 60 000 dead and one of the worst situations on the international scene.

While Anthony Fauci returned to the charge, and warns against a déconfinement too fast, the president will go ahead in tying up with one of the strong symbols of american history: the monument of Abraham Lincoln. You may be in the memory of the great rallies in this place, and Donald Trump had invited his fellow citizens to the July 4 holiday last year.

The president never hesitates to compare himself to Lincoln and partisan republicans believe that Donald Trump is even greater than the great man. I also commented on this comparison questionable in a post published in December 2019.

The White House says they do not encourage the president’s supporters to come on site on Sunday and we will install a security perimeter to avoid the pools and comply with the measures of spacing.

Donald Trump will not therefore benefit from the presence of its followers, the more convinced to get value, but he will in spite of everything an impressive backdrop to convey its message and release an image of strength.

While Joe Biden was trying this morning to defuse the crisis caused by the allegations of sexual assault at his place, the president’s team finishes preparations for his big comeback in the election campaign. It is a first step, the ultimate goal being to allow him to reconnect with the larger gatherings that he particularly likes.

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